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Fan Fiction Page 2

Stardogs' Clone Wars story continues here.



The lights of the court yard send a spectrum of colors dancing off of the golden droid C-3PO as he and R2-D2 move along side Amidala and Jar Jar as they leave the palace for Padmes home.

Its so peaceful here Jar Jar, I had almost forgot there was a peaceful place left in the galaxy. Amidala says.

Yesa Milady, tis soo gooda being home. Tis a pity dat wesa canta help de jedi. Jar Jar says.

Well find a way Jar Jar. Well leave in the morning for Kessel and help General Organa in any way we can. Padme says with a look of determination on her face.

<WOOP WOOP> chimes R2

Yes my little friend I believe we cant seem to find our selves in one place for too long. C-3PO replies.

When wesa geta to Kessel Milady disa old genewal Jar Jar will fight with thesa pridea of da Gungans!" Jar Jar says loudly throwing his hands up in pride. Hitting C-3PO in the back of the head and causing him too fall over R2 which in turns knocks over Padme just as a blaster bolt rips through the night taking the droids arm from its socket.

Oh My. Cries 3PO.


Blast it! Stupid Gungan! Aurra swears through gritted teeth as she fires off another round at the senator. The bolts exploding on the walls of the courtyard lighting up the night. Padme draws her blaster and throws Jar Jar into a hedgerow.

R2 can you see them! she cries

R2-D2 begins an infrared scan and chimes. <WOOP WOOP> He shines a laser pointer to a bridge about a hundred yards from their position. Padme begins firing on the bridge. Aurra ducks for cover and begins to reload her rifle. Looking at her wrist timer. 00:05 remains on the counter.

"This is going to be close." Aurra says to her self, jamming a blast cell into her rifle.

Im sorry miss Padme that Gungan knocked my arm right off. C-3PO cries.

Padme not hearing the droids pleas keeps firing on R2s target.

<BEEP BOP PWEEP> R2 answers

What! A bounty hunter. Oh My where doomed! 3PO panics reaching for his burning arm.

Aurra targets the Astromech droid and fires her sniper rifle. The blast taking the droids tracking laser right from its dome.


Padme stops firing and ducks for cover beside Jar Jar.

R2 are you all right? 3PO says worriedly.

R2 doesnt reply he just shakes smoking a squeaking nonsense.

Another shot rains down from the bridge position and explodes near Padme knocking a hunk of rock from the wall behind her striking her head and rendering her unconscious.
Aurra gazes down into the red lit courtyard through her goggles and sees the senators leg lying just outside of the hedgerow and the golden droid trying to help his droid companion.

Speak to me R2. 3PO cries tapping the astromechs dome with his severed arm.

Aurra mounts her swoop and fires up the engine the wine from the engine filling the courtyard. The swoop races towards the hedgerow as Aurra pulls the light saber from her belt clip and ignites it. CRACK HISS! She gains speed as Padme sits up shaking her head to see the bounty hunter charging right for her.

She lets out a scream.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! as a blaster bolt flies by her head and smacks the swoop in the engine block sending Aurra out of control she leaps from the swoop at the last moment and it explodes into the far wall of the courtyard. Her body smacks against the wall knocking her out.

Padme looks over her shoulder to see Jar Jar standing at her side her blaster in his hand and a look of surprise upon his face. Are yousa alwight milady? the Gungan asks.

Padme looks at the Gungan in amazement.

Staysa heresa. Jar Jar says and begins to walk over to the crash site. The burning swoop lies scattered around the ground of the courtyard but the bounty hunter is no where to be found. Out of the corner of his eye Jar Jar sees a stream of light fly off into the distance and disappear into the dead of the night.

The Gungan waddles back to Padme. I believeus wesa safe for now milady.

Padme smiles. Jar Jar you never sestet to amaze me. She says hugging the Gungans neck.


Well I can see your smoking R2. At least you didnt lose an arm. 3PO replies.


Aurra shakes her head looking down at the counter on her wrist seeing the digits stare back at her 00:00.

I cant believe this. She says to her self, holding her head. Blue Blood runs down from her forehead over her fingers.

Believe it. A muffled voice says over top of her.

Aurra looks up to see the armor clad figure standing above her.

Mandalorian? Thats impossible... Youre all dead. Jango Fett was killed at the battle of Geonosis. He was the last. She says puzzled.

Not the Last. the muffled voice answers the moon light gleaming off his helmet.

You were recruited by a man named Tyranus to collect the head of the senator of Naboo within ten hours. Are you not? The muffled voice asks.

Yeah whats it to you? Aurra says looking at the mysterious figure.

I was recruited by Tyranus to collect your head if you failed. The voice answers.

Who are you? Aurra asks again desperately as she slowly reaches for her blaster.

Im Boba Fett. The mandalorian says and slings a razor wire around the beautiful bounty hunters neck, taking her head from her shoulders. Aurra's hand goes limp as her blaster falls to the ground.




Jedi masters Mace Windu and Yoda are in council with supreme chancellor Palpatine discussing the recent chain of events surrounding the system of Kessel.

You can not sit their Master Windu and tell me that after the glorious victory of Corellia that are military is diminishing. Palpatine asks a look of discontent on his face.

Chancellor the battle of Corellia was a victory but Im afraid the Senate does not understand the sacrifice that it caused for the Republic. Mace answers. Many Jedi were lost at the hands of the separatists and their droid armies.

Well then we must make contact with the cloners of Kamino and request that they double their efforts in supplying us with the troops that we need to fight this war. I will see to it personally that the Senate will spare ever fund that is available to obtain these troops for our military. The chancellor says looking to both the Jedi.

Master Mundi and Master Secura have already left for Kamino to obtain the four legions we will need to help free the people of Kessel. Mace says.

Really? Palpatine asks crossing his hands together. Why was I not informed of this decision. May I ask Master Jedi?

The Jedi council, responsible it is for the protection of the republic. The wise Master Yoda says. The decision. Ours to make it was.

Yes Master Yoda. You are right forgive me for doubting the councils decision. I only wished to be informed as these events take place.

We understand and. Mace is cut off in mid sentence by a call from the Jedi Council.

A hologram of Master Kit-Fisto stands before the leaders of the republic.

Masters we are receiving a transmission from the Kessel System. He says.

Please patch it through. Mace answers as the hologram of Kit- Fisto is replaced with the a hologram of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Master I regret to have to send this recording and not speak with you directly but our time is running out. General Organa and I are beginning to land our troops on the planets surface for a ground assault. We request any reinforcements you my spare as the droid armies of the separatist are far more vast than expected. We have four battalions of clones that will start this attack but I do not know if we will be able to achieve our objective without your support. I also have one last thing to add. During our escape from the Main federation ship my Padawan was injured and at that moment I encountered a presence in the force that was some how... familiar? My senses tell me that a sith is here We will have begun our landing by the time that you receive this transmission. I just hope we are not to late to help the people of Kessel. May the force be with you. The recording ends.

A sith, but weve had no reports that Count Dooku had joined the separatist on Kessel. Mace Windu says puzzled.

Dooku appears to have taken an apprentice he has. Unexpected this is so soon. Yoda says looking to Mace.

I do hope young Skywalker is alright. Without him the republic will surely be at a disadvantage. Palpatine says worriedly.

At that moment another transmission comes to the chancellors office from Kamino. The hologram of Ayala Secura stands before them.

Supreme Chancellor, Master Windu, Master Yoda., the hologram acknowledges bowing before them.

Master Secura news you have? Yoda asks.

Yes Master. The cloners of Kamino have been delayed in providing us with the Clones that we need to defend Kessel. We only have two battalions instead of the four legions that were ordered. But the situation of how this came to be is what is most disturbing. Ayala says lowering her head.

Go on. Mace says his attention fully on the image of Ayala.

The cloners were commissioned by an unknown source to make a clone using their latest growth acceleration procedures. This clone went mad and managed to destroy half of Topica city before escaping the system of Kamino. the hologram says.

Mace and Yoda look at each other with great concern.

I cant help but feel that this clone was somehow in tune with the force to cause this much destruction alone. Ayala says looking at the Jedi masters. What the cloners here have created Im afraid to imagine.

When did this take place Master Jedi? The chancellor asks.

Three days prior to our arrival chancellor. She answers.

Why did the Kaminoans not report this to us earlier? Mace asks.

The Prime Minister told Master Mundi and I that they were to embarrassed by this spectacle. They feared that if it was known that their reputation from a business stand point would be greatly harmed. Ayala says.

Master Secura take the two battalions you have and join you will with General Organa to aid in his liberation of the system of Kessel. Tell you will the Prime Minister of Kamino that not a word of this incident... will be repeated. Yoda says looking to Palpatine.

Uh Yes, Please inform the Prime Minister of our sympathies and let him know that if there is anything the Republic can do to help Kamino it will be done. The chancellor speaks strongly to the vision of the Jedi.

Yes Chancellor I will express your concerns. We shall depart for Kessel at once. Ayala says as her hologram vanishes.

We should make contact with Corellia. Perhaps they can be persuaded to aid us in this struggle for the system of Kessel. The Corellian brigade was a strong ally in the battle for Corellia. With their joining with the republic surely they will help in this fight. Mace says to Palpatine.

I shall contact senator Amidala. She can act as ambassador to the republic. Since she was the one to complete negotiations with Corellia. They will be more likely to listen to her council for support. The Chancellor says.

Word of this we must get to General Kenobi. I feel that to great a coincidence this is. Yoda says to Mace.

I fear the Dark side is growing. Yoda says looking to Palpatine.



Republic Gunships rain down through the atmosphere of the dried out planet of Kessel under heavy resistance from the droid armies protecting the mining operation of the planet. Obi-Wan Kenobi watches out of the port side window of his gunship as several ships are blown to pieces.

This is not good. General Kenobi says to him self.

What was that sir? TK-420 asks holding on to a support strap mounted to the ceiling of the gunship.

I said this is good! The resistance isnt as much as we anticipated. General Kenobi answers as two more Gunships explode.

Funny General I was thinking the opposite. TK-420 replies

Well lets just hope your wrong on this one 42O. Obi-Wan answers smiling at the clone as a blaster bolt hits their gunship, rocking it back and forth as the General and clones hang on for their lives.

The Gunships break atmosphere and race to their objectives one by one. Republic Carriers begin dropping AT-TEs outside the main perimeter as Red Squadron is the first to join the attack.

AT-TE commanders concentrate fire on the federation loading ships. ARC Commado-894 orders. Begin drawing as much fire to your positions as possible. We need to buy as much time for General Organa and General Kenobi as we can

Yes sir. The commanders answer and begin assaulting the ships and loading docks.

Loading ships begin to explode under the heavy fire from the AT-TEs as a new threat joins the battle. Hailfire droids begin bombarding Red Squadron with tracer missiles and one AT-TE is lost to the federation forces the clones of red squadron not fazed from the loss continue their assault. As General Kenobi and General Organa make their way to their destination of conflict.


NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Anakin Skywalker yells escaping his unconsciousness.

Hey! Youre alright man. Settle down everythings going to be alright. Cain Darklighter tells the Jedi.

A puzzled look comes over Anakins face as he looks to the stranger and his strange surroundings. Who are you? Where am I? He asks holding his head the pain from the detonator blast still fresh on his nervous system.

Im Cain. Just take it easy ok. Your friend General Kenobi asked me to watch out for you while hes gone. He tells the shaken padawan.

Gone? Where? Anakin asks.

To the surface of the planet. They left about an hour ago to begin their assault on Kessel. Cain tells him.

He left without me. Anakin asks starring past Cain to the wall across the room.

He didnt know when you would wake. They couldnt wait any longer. But he told me to tell you that if you pulled through. To join the battle. He said he could use your help. If you ask me he doesnt need you kid. He needs a miracle. Cain says

Ive got to get to a transmitter. Ive got to make contact with Naboo. Anakin says slowly sitting up in the medical bed.

Naboo, Whats Naboo got to do with all this? Cain asks.

It has nothing to do with this. But everything to do with me. Anakin says as Cain helps him to his feet.


General Organa and his ARC Commandos throw their drop cables off the side of their gunship and begin descending to the gigantic drill in placement. Several Clones are blasted from the cables as the droids of the techno union army defend the drilling operation. General Organa is the first to set foot on Kessel and begins to destroy every droid in his sight. The ARC commandos follow suit laying down heavy suppressing fire on the drilling in placement.

Green Squadron to your swoops! the ARC-2634 orders as the Republic carriers begin drooping the swoops to their position.

The Clones fire up their swoops and the whine of the engines becomes deafening to the onslaught. The Clones race into the sector mowing down the Techno Union army droids that stand in their way. Bail smiles at the upper hand his commandos have managed to grasp as several droid fighter begin hammering the swoops into the ground.

Bail grabs his comlink from his belt and begins to deploy new orders. Gold Leader 365 engage the droid fighters immediately.

Yes sir. 365 replies and begins attacking the droid fighters above sector-14.

Debris flies all around the republic forces from the carnage of the battle overhead as republic Gunships drive the droid fighters from the skies to the rocky surface of the planet.

ARC-2634 get your demolition squad up here on the double. Weve got to lay these charges. Organa orders into his comlink.

Were on our way sir. The clone answers as they begin their assault on the drill in placement itself.


A hologram of Captain Typhoo is displayed on the holo viewer before Skywalker.

Thats right Jedi Skywalker. Senator Amidala left for the planet of Corellia just before dawn. She was given specific orders from the Supreme Chancellor to meet with the Coralline Brigade in person and ask for their aid in the republics fight for the system of Kessel.

And youre sure shes alright from the assasination attempt? Anakin asks.

Yes, She is much too strong a figure to be scared away so easily master Jedi. Typhoo answers.

Thats what Im afraid of. Anakin replies

Represenitive Binks and the droids R2-D2 and C3-PO are accompanying the senator to Corellia. No one knows of her departure from Naboo. We have doubled every security measure to insure her safe journey as Ambassador to the republic. Typhoo says.

Thanks Captain. Anakin says switching off the transmitter. Ive got to go. Anakin says to Cain.

Yeah I expected you would want to join the fight as soon as possible. Cain says.

Ive got to get to Corellia. Anakin replies walking from the room.

What! Wait if she left at day break on Naboo shes almost there. And even if you make the jump to hyperspace you will miss her. Look youre wasting your time. Cain says placing his hand on Anakins shoulder.

Anakin reaches behind him and grabs Cain with the force throwing him against the wall of the hallway. Cains feet rise up from the floor as he reaches for is throat gasping for air.

You dont understand. I have no choice. I must get to Corellia before her. Its a matter of life and death. Anakin says his anger rising as Cain rises up the wall.

You ever hear of the Kessel Run. Cain says through deep breaths a desperate look on his face.

What are you talking about? Anakin says releasing the smuggler. Cain slumps over and coughs.

Its a smugglers route through hyper space. (cough, cough) Its a hyperspace trail that can get you to anywhere across the galaxy in less than 13 parsecs. But it aint easy. Only the best pilots can make the run. Everyone else thats tried has crashed and burned. Cain says looking up at Anakin.

Well guess what? You just met the best pilot in the galaxy. Anakin smiles. So tell me more.



General Kenobi and his Clone squadron begin attacking the droid forces guarding sector 22. His gunship is struck by a missile fired from a Hailfire droid and begins to go down. The Gunship crashes into an embankment near their objective.

Everybody all right? Obi-Wan says lifting part of the Gunships door off of him self.

Yes sir. No casualties to report. TK-420 replies.

Good then lets move out. Obi-Wan says as an explosion rocks the planet surface like an earthquake jolting the clones and the Jedi master.

Obi-Wan looks to the east of the crash site and see's a huge cloud of smoke coming from sector 14. Well it appears Organa is right on time. Obi-Wan says to his squadron. Some of us are not so lucky. Lets double time it troopers!

Yes sir! the squad replies and begins charging toward the techno union forces.

Both armies meet head on as a cloud of earth from the march blinds all visibility. General Kenobi dons a Clone trooper helmet and adjusts its vision sensor until his sight is crystal clear. He ignites his light saber and begins to cut down the droids of the techno union. His squadron eliminates everything in their path as they reach the slave cages. Obi-Wan stabs the door to the first cage and cuts it from its hinges. The scared slaves run to the far corner of the cage trembling. Men, women and children of all ages look to the Jedi frightened.

Its Ok. Obi-Wan tells the slaves. Were here to help you. Now quickly we must act fast.

The slaves begin running from the cage as Obi-Wan speaks into his wrist gauntlet. Gold Leader request evacuation of the slaves of sector14.

Were on our way General. Gold leader replies as two-republic gunship carriers fly in for a landing.

Obi-Wan begins loading the slaves into the troop carriers one by one. The clone squadron keeps defending the position as more and more battle droids join the battle. The republic carriers finally finish loading the slaves and blast out of sector 22 heading for sector 42 and safety. At that moment 20 super battle droids march over the ridge of sector 22 and begin cutting the Clones to pieces.

Fall Back! Obi-Wan orders trying to shield his squad with his light saber and the force.

The remains of Obi-Wans squad fall back to the crash site and begin defending their position as general Kenobi calls for help. Organa can you read me?

Bail Organa and his squadron are loading the slaves from sector 14 into republic carriers. I read you General Kenobi. Sector 14 is secure.

Wish I could say the same. Weve managed to rescue the slaves from sector 22 but we are experiencing heavy resistance. Our gunship was shot down upon entering the sector and my squadron is out numbered from the techno union forces. Request immediate support. Obi-Wan says into his comlink gauntlet blocking more and more blaster fire with his light saber.

Were on our way General. Sit tight! Bail replies and turns to his squad. General Kenobis forces are pinned down. We're going to sector 22 and reinforce their position. Move out!

Yes sir. The clones reply and begin boarding their gunship.


The sith infiltrator of Asajj Ventress releases it self from the fold of hyper space and is immediately hailed by the main federation star ship.

Lott Dodds voice comes over the infiltrators com. Your master gave us the reassurance that you would come to join our occupation.

I have come for the Jedi. Asajj whispers.

They have begun attacking our mining operations. We have already lost one sector to the republic forces. We can not afford to lose anymore. Lott Dodd says. I have said it before. Use caution. These Jedi are not to be underestimated.

No you are mistaken. Ventress grins. It is the sith that shall not be underestimated.


Padme sits in the cockpit of her shuttle watching the lines of hyperspace speeding by. The Gungan Jar Jar Binks is in the co-pilot seat sleeping and snoring loudly. The droid C-3P0 sits in a passenger chair as his counterpart R2-D2 puts the finishing touches of repairs to the golden droids arm.

BEEP DO WHATA DE TO> chimes the Astromech.

Yes Aretoo that is much better. Im beginning to have sensation once again in my fingers. Wonderful job indeed. The protocol droid answers as R2 fuse welds the wires and artificial tendons in place. C-3POs arm still hangs loose, dangling.

The ships Nav computer alarms that theyre coming up on their destination of Corellia. Padme cuts the shuttles sub light engines and is immediately attacked from behind. Laser blasts bounce off the hull and penetrates the ship sending flames out into space and throwing the shuttle out of control.

Oh dear! shouts 3PO.

Jar Jar jumps up from his slumber throwing his hands into the air and smacks the protocol droid into R2. The little astromechs welder slices right through the repairs it had just made and the golden droids arm falls to the ground.

I cant believe that clumsy fool has done it again! C-3PO exclaims.

Jar Jar help me! Padme pleads as the controls become heavy and the shuttle loses its course.

Mesa tryin, Mesa tryin! the Gungan says pulling back on the co-pilot controls.

More blasts rock the ship as Padme looks out the front viewing window of the shuttle to see a ship flying at them side ways. The bounty hunter Boba Fett adjusts his targeting sights and locks a concussion missile onto Padmes Shuttle. He starts to fire again and a blast sends his ship slave-1 spinning out of control. Fett regains control of his ship just into time to see a star fighter barring down on him firing. Slave-1 lurches away from its target and avoids the blasts just in time. He swings his ship around to his new adversary and is locked on by the star fighter in pursuit. The two ships race against time through the stars. Slave-1 barrel rolls to avoid attack and its right wing is hit crippling the bounty hunters ship for good. Fett fires his concussion missile still locked onto to Padmes shuttle. The missile streams through space to its destination. The star fighter pulls off its pursuit of the bounty hunter and races to the missile flying toward Padme. The pilot locks his target and fires his forward laser cannons detonating the missile moments before it reaches Padmes shuttle.

Another time. Fett says to himself.

Padme observes the bounty hunters ship slowly disappearing from space and a star fighter pulling up beside her shuttle. A blue fighter, which appears to be Jedi class.

A voice comes over her transmitter. Padme are you alright!

Anakin! What are you doing here? She asks surprised.

No time for explanations do you think you can land? he asks as the planet grows nearer.

I dont think so. Its taking Jar Jar and I both just to keep the ship stable. She says fighting the controls.

Ok Im going to turn on my ships homing beacon. See if you can read my position. Anakin says switching the beacon on.

Padme glances down at the radar display to a blue dot beside her position. Yes I have you.

Good. Now I want you to lock on to my signal and follow it straight to the planet. Do you understand? Anakin says calmly.

Yes but what good is

Anakin interrupts. Just trust me. Remember stay on course with my signal no matter what youre going to make it. Anakin says and kicks in the thrusters of his star fighter racing to the planet at the speed of light.

In the bounty hunters ship Slave-1 Fett switches on his transmitter and a hologram of Count Dooku appears.

It worked Tyranus. The Jedi arrived right on time. Fett says

You have done well Boba. Im most pleased with your contribution to our effort. Your father would have been proud indeed. Now my friend return to Bogdan. I have a handsome reward awaiting you. Dooku smiles.

As you wish. The bounty hunter replies as his ship departs the system.

Anakin Skywalkers star fighter screams into the atmosphere of Corellia and scouts for a landing position. He spots an open area right outside of the city. Anakin jams the controls forward on his fighter hard and descends like lighting. The land growing closer and closer as the Jedi yanks back on the controls and the ship makes a quick circle of the area and lands smoothly. Anakin raises his cockpit grabs his macro binoculars from under his pilot seat and jumps from the fighter scanning the sky for Padmes shuttle. The view from the binoculars dizzying as he jumps from one view to another and finally sees her shuttle enter the atmosphere smoking and burning and weaving out of control. He lowers his macros and can now see the ship growing closer with his on eyes. Anakin tosses the lenses aside and breaths deep. He stretches the force around himself and looks to the ship racing toward him. Anakin extends his right arm and reaches out with his hand feeling the shuttle and its weight through the force. He closes his eyes and concentrates all his energy to this moment in time. He begins to hear the sound of the engines and the smell of the smoke as the ship approaches. Padme sees Anakin through the forward glass and cant believe her eyes as the ships controls loosen under her grip she feels the shuttle slowing down. Jar Jar looks out the viewing window with his eyes wide. Anakin guides the shuttle with the force to the ground where he lays it softly and the shuttle rocks back and forth. He opens his eyes to see Padme staring back at him through the shuttle window dazed. He then falls to his knees in exhaustion.

Anakin! Padme exclaims and unfastens her safety straps from her set. She runs to the shuttle door and hits the emergency release. The shuttle door blows off its hinges and lands on the ground. Padme runs to Anakin just as he begins to fall over. And catches him against herself falling to her knees as well. His head resting against her shoulder she starts to cry and keeps repeating. How could you know? How could you know?


Anakin lies resting in the Corellian Corvettes officers quarters with his eyes closed. Exhausted and drained from his use of the force. Padme sits on the side of the bed rubbing his head with a wet cloth. She is still shaken from the incident. She reaches over to a basin and dips the cloth into the water ringing it dry and turns to comfort Anakin and sees him looking back at her.

Anakin. She speaks softly. Are you alright?

I am now... now that Im near you. He says smiling a weak smile and asks. Are you alright?

Im a little shaken. I thought for sure that we were going to die. That our ship was going to crash into the planet. She tells him. How could you have known Anakin?

I dont know. It was like a dream. Like the dream I had of my mother. He says sitting up. I missed you so much Padme.

Anakin. I feel like its been a lifetime since last we had spoken. I feel like I have so much to tell you. But She starts crying.

Anakin takes his hand and places it on her face. Its ok, Im here with you. You can tell me. He says soothingly.

I cant think of anything to say. She says sadly, the tears swelling in her eyes.

Just say what you feel. Anakin replies.

I love you. She says kissing him deep as they both lean back on to the bed and embrace.

The Corellian Corvette lurches back and disappears into the line of stars. Several other Corellian freighters and war ships make the jump to hyperspace one by one. Their destination the system of Kessel.



General Kenobis battalion has all but been destroyed. Only him self, TK-420 and few clone troopers remain. The battle has become desperate as Kenobi throws his light saber into the onslaught of battle droids. The saber flies through the air as Obi-Wan guides it with the force. Dozens of droids are cut in half as the Jedi concentrates his will into the beam of light. A detonator flies into the clones position and explodes near Obi-Wan and TK-420 breaking the Jedis concentration.

420! Are you all right? Kenobi asks desperately to his friend.

Its going to take more than that to take me out general. The clone replies.

Obi-Wan reaches out with the force and his light saber flies back to his hand as TK-420 picks up another rifle. With one rifle in each hand he begins to lay down and endless stream of fire on the droids as Bails gunship dives in to join the battle.

Get down! Organa orders to Kenobis squadron. His gunship begins bombarding the droid army to ruins.

Obi-Wan sits against the remains of his gunship watching Organas forces from above attack the droid army. Organas ship encircle sector 22 destroying the droid invasion. He lands his Gunship and rushes to Obi-Wans position.

General Kenobi are you ok? He asks.

Yes, Im fine. Obi-Wan answers standing up. They attacked right as we sent the slaves out of this sector. We didnt have a chance. Their numbers were just too great.

I cant believe your squadron held them off as long as you did. Now General, lets blast this drill in placement to hell. Organa smiles. Demolition squad, set your charges. Weve got three more sectors to go. He orders.

Yes sir. The clones reply and begin laying the charges around the drill in placement.


The Jedi Crimson squadron fight through the skies of Kessel with the droid fighters of the trade federation.

Watch it youve got one on your tail. Unduli says to her padawan Barriss. Come around to mark 36. She orders.

Yes master. Her apprentice answers and swings her fighter up and around from its destination.

The Jedi fighter roars with speed through the oncoming fire of its assailant just as Luminara blasts the pursuing droid fighter from the sky.

Thanks Master. The padawan breathes a sigh of relief as her ship is struck from behind and begins to dive to the planet.

Eject! Unduli orders to her apprentice as she sees her padawan blast from the fighters cockpit and free fall to the surface of the planet. Her fighter explodes on impact with a federation loading ship.

Barriss are you alright? Unduli asks into her communicator as she sees her padawan rise up and ignite her light saber.

Im fine master. I shall continue the fight from here she says defecting blaster fire into a Hailfire droid and blasting it into a million pieces.

May the force be with you padawan. She says and continues her Ariel assault as she sees Master Tinns apprentice star fighter destroyed before her eyes and a mysterious ship joining the battle.

Crimson Squadron new target in sight. All wings engage! she orders.

The Jedi fighters each mark their new target and prepare to engage. Asajj Ventress swings her infiltrator into a nearby canyon of the planet and the Jedi fighters give chase. The canyon walls begin to close in on the star fighters as they scream through the maze of rock. The Jedi begin firing on the sith infiltrator relentlessly. Asajj spins and dodges every blast that is thrown at her as she drives her prey deeper from their positions. The padawan of Plo Koon accelerates to the side of the infiltrator. He fires toward the cockpit of the ship as Ventress pulls the force from within and releases it through her hand pushing the Jedis star fighter into the canyon wall. It explodes into pieces as the three Jedi left dodge the remains of the fighter to continue the pursuit. Asajj jams her hands back on the controls and the sith fighter stops in mid flight as the Jedi go flying by to become the hunted. She begins firing onto the Jedi Fighters and hits Master Tinns craft sending him spinning up and out of the canyon.

Are you alright Master Tinn. Luminara asks evading the blaster fire from the sith.

Im no good to you anymore. Continue your objective. Ill try to help Barriss. Tinn answers as he flies back to the battle of red squadron his fighter smoking.

Master Koon. Lets finish this. Luminara says as the two Jedi fighters sore up and out of the canyon.

Asajj Ventress continues her pursuit blasting out of the canyon the Jedi in her sights.


Anakin Skywalker pulls his leather surcoat over his head and fastens his belt around his waist. He looks to his wife lying on the bed sleeping the sheets from the bed covering her body. He leans over Padme and kisses her forehead.

Sweet dreams Milady. He whisper and turns to the door leaving the room.

Anakin walks down the hall of the Corellian corvette and turns a corner and bumps into a passerby.

Exsqueese me. The Gungan says steadying himself.

ANNIE!!!! The Gungan hollers grabbing the Jedi and hugging him tight.

Its good to see you too Jar Jar. The padawan says gasping for air from the bear hug.

Mesa not believing yousa sava us from da crashen! Jar Jar says excitedly.

It was my pleasure really. Anakin smiles after finally being released.

Whersa isa Milady? The Gungan asks.

Anakin holds his finger up to his lips and whispers. Shes sleeping.

Mesa Quiet! Oh! mesa quiet The Gungan replies silently.

Do you know where the bridge is Jar Jar? Id like too speak with the commander. Anakin asks.

Tisa righta around disa hallways! the Gungan answers. Yousa follow me now Okiday!

But I thought you had other matters to attend too. Anakin says waving his hand in front of the Gungan.

Onda second thoughtsa. Mesa hasa utter tings to dosay. The Gungan answers confused.

You were going to check on the droids. Anakin says looking into the Gungans eyes.

Yesa! Mesa gonna check on da dwoids. Jar Jar answers and begins walking away.

Jar Jar. Anakin says turning to the Gungan.

Yesa. The Gungan answers.

You will never call me ANNIE again. The Jedi says waving his hand.

You knowusa? Mesa tinking Isa call yousa Anakin from now onsa. The gungan says puzzled and turns waddling down the hallway.

I wish everything could be that easy. Anakin smiles to him self and leaves for the bridge.


In the matience room of the Monolith-12 C-3PO stands up and waves his newly restored arm around in the air.

Its good as new. R2 you have done a wonderful job indeed. The droid tells his counterpart patting his dome.

WOOP WOOP. Replies the Astromech as Jar Jar walks into the room.

Mesa Back! the Gungans smiles at the droids.

C-3PO maneuvers behind R2 shaking. Oh No



Two Republic cruisers break hyperspace right into the middle of a vast battle in the stars. Clone fighters and federation fighters are screaming throughout the heavens, the federation fighters over powering the republic ships in orbit. Ayala Secura looks out of the main bridge-viewing monitor.

Ki-Adi Mundi hails her ship. Master Secura we will pick up position here. Im sending all troopers to their fighters at once.

Yes Master Mundi we will begin our ground assault to help General Kenobi. May the force be with you. Ayala responds.

May the force be with you. Mundi answers and climbs into his Jedi star fighter.

Ayala Secura hails Organas flagship. This is master Secura requesting tactical positions for assault.

Uh Yeah give me a second. A nervous voice responds.

Ayala looks at her ARC troopers puzzled at the reply.

To whom am I speaking with? Whats your operating number? she asks.

Operating what? Look honey Im just watching the ship for Bail. So just keep your robe on. Cain replies

Ayala cheeks become bright blue. Look I dont know who you are but

Cain interrupts. Got it! Transmitting now. Hope you are the miracle I was talking about to the kid. May you be with the force sweet heart. Cain says.

Its, May the force be with you. Secura responds sternly.

Really. I prefer good luck. You're gonna need it. Cain laughs

ARC 557 turns to Ayala. Weve got the positions general. Only sectors 16, 28 and 51 remain to be liberated. Were ready.

To your ships. Master Secura orders shaking her head as she begins walking from the bridge.


Obi-Wan and Bail Organa lead the attack on sector 51 together. Combining what is left of their forces they penetrate the droid defense. The clone troopers fight endlessly to achieve their objective.

Green leader 854 turns to Organa. Were running low on ammunition sir.

Then make ever shot count trooper. Organa answers firing his rifle into the droid positions from his Gunship.

Obi-Wan and his squadron deploy from their gunship to a melee of fire from the techno union forces.

ARC troopers I need rocket fire on my target. Obi-Wan orders shinning a laser pointer to a pair of twin techno union ion cannons near the drill.

The massif guns defend the drill with blast after blast. Two ARC troopers take up position beside Kenobi and take aim at his targeting laser. The troopers fire their rocket launchers sending two rockets spinning into the sky and streaming right into the forward guns. BOOOOOOOOMMMM!!! They explode on impact with the guns destroying much of the droid force along with them. Two federation tanks pull around the smoking hulk of the drill in placement cannons and begin firing on the republic forces. Organas ship is struck the smoke from the blast filling the hold of the gunship. The pilot fights the controls of the gunship blinded from the smoke.

General weve lost our rear stabilizers. Gold leader 578 reports as the gunship spins through the sky of Kessel around and around faster.

Hold on! Organa yells over the roar of the gunship against the wind.

Bail and his squadron hold onto the support straps as the ship closes in on the planet surface, the pull of gravity lifting their feet from the deck. The squadron and their leader are thrown helplessly around the hold of the ship, their bodies smacking the interior hull. Obi-Wan looks to Organas ship spinning out of control.

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! the Jedi screams as the ship plows into the rocky surface of the planet.

CRRRRRAAAASSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Black dust from the planet surface combined from the smoke of the Gunship fill the air around the crash site. Obi-Wan stares at the remains of Organas ship

ARC troopers take out those federation tanks! Demolition squad lay your charges! TK-420 follow me. Obi-Wan orders running to the fallen ship.

Yes sir! General Kenobis squadron replies rushing to complete their orders.

Obi-Wan and TK-420 reach the remains of the Gunship. The structure of the ship collapsed under the crash. Obi-Wan begins to dig through the debris with TK-420. The Jedi and the clone working together to save the survivors. The ship is silent only the sounds from General Kenobis squadron securing the sector can be heard in the background. Obi-Wan lifts a huge piece of steel from the ship and sees Organas body lying still.

Oh no the Jedi says to himself as he begins to dig his friend out from the wreckage.

TK-420 and Obi-Wan pull Bail from the smoking Gunship laying him to the ground. The Jedi lays his hand on the generals head and closes his eyes.

Is he alright sir? TK-420 asks.

Yes. His leg is broken. But he will make it. Obi-Wan breathes a sigh of relief. Get some help and get a stretcher. We need to get him to sector 42.

Yes sir. The clone replies hurrying back to their gunship just as an explosion rocks the planets surface from the drill in placements destruction.


Anakin Skywalker and Commander Solo walk through the hanger bay of the Monolith-12. Several Corellians are fueling their star fighters and preparing them for launch.

Commander I cant thank you enough for helping us in this battle. Anakin says.

We are members of the republic now. We are honored to help in this struggle in any way we can master Jedi. Commander Solo answers. Well be launching our attack soon, are you sure you want give one of our fighters a try. That Jedi fighter of yours seems a little beat up.

Anakin lays his hand against the Corellian fighter. Shes beautiful. What is she?

Incom Corporation T-65 snub fighter. Shes fast, she has four powerful sub light ion engines, four wing tipped laser cannons, defense shields and proton torpedos. These X-Wings are the pride of Corellia. Solo says rubbing the fighters hull.

She is that. Anakin replies marveling at the fighter. Looks can be deceiving though. Ive made quite a few modifications to my fighter myself. Shes not your standard Jedi fighter anymore. Ive increased the engine power and added a vectored thruster. My baby can out maneuver anything that comes in her path. Shes also got two hyper drive thrusters. No relying on hyper drive rings with her. I also added four forward mounted laser cannons. The Jedi tells his new friend walking to his fighter a supply ship blocking their view. And I improved the aerodynamics check out those curves. Anakin says as the supply ship moves out of their view to reveal Padme in a skintight black officers suit leaning against Anakins fighter.

I see what you mean. Commander Solo laughs and pats the Jedi on the shoulder. Ill leave you two alone. May the force be with you.

Anakin walks up to Padme and puts his arms around her. How were you able to get the Corellians to help us.

Im a politician remember. I thought you gave up on arguing with my negotiation skills long ago. She smiles.

I should not have asked. Anakin laughs hugging his wife.

I wish we could be like this forever. She smiles.

I wish that as well milady. He answers holding her tight. Commander Solo says were beginning our attack. So I need you to do me a favor.

What is it? She answers Letting go of Anakin and turning to the hanger exit looking into the vastness of space. Knowing the question thats coming.

Stay with the Corallines. Youll be safe with them. I cant risk anything happening to you Padme. Anakin says kissing his wife on the back of the head. Smelling the scent of her hair.

I was already planning on staying. Who else do you think is going to help organize this attack? So what are you going to do my Jedi protector? She laughs turning to her husband.

Ill think of something. Anakin smiles as he climbs the ladder attached to his fighter and steps into the cockpit.

Padme turns to Anakin and looks into his eyes. You must do something for me.

Your wish is my command milady. The young Jedi replies.

Be careful and come back to me. She says.

As you wish. Anakin whispers as the canopy of the fighter closes sealing the Jedi within.

Anakin puts on his head set communicator and begins to check the fighters systems. R4 fire up the converters. The Jedi tells his Astromech.

WOOP WOOP replies the droid as the Jedi fighters engines come to life. All the Corellian fighters come to life one by one as the sound of the engines fill the hanger bay.

Rogue Squadron this is Commander Solo. Master Jedi Skywalker is going to take command. Follow his orders and make us proud you are the best-trained pilots in the galaxy. Now prove it! Commander Solo acknowledges.

Anakin smiles to himself. Master JediObi-Wan would really be upset if he heard that.

On my mark GO! GO! GO! Commander Solo orders.

Anakin looks to the hanger bay entrance and sees Padme looking back he smiles one last time and gives the order. Rogues! All wings on me!

Anakins fighter blasts out of the hanger of the corvette the fighters of rogue squadron following behind. One after the other the fighters soar into space to join the battle that is well underway above the planet Kessel.

Milady please join me on the bridge. Commander Solo says motioning for the hanger doorway.

It would be my pleasure commander. The young senator replies.



Asajj Ventress pushes the Jedi fighters on in her relentless pursuit firing again and again at the Jedi. Luminara spins her fighter out of harms way as master Koons fighter is struck from behind the Smoke streaming out of the back of the Jedi fighter blinding the Sith temporarily.

Master Koon can you make it back to the loading field? Luminara asks her fighter flying low skidding the top of the canyon surface.

Im not leaving you Unduli. Koon responds fighting the controls.

You have no choice rendezvous with Tinn and Barriss. That is an order. Luminara says as Plos ship is struck again and bust into flames, the Jedi ejecting at the last second.

Luminara Unduli sees Koon drifting to the planet surface as Ventress closes in.

Its just you and I now. The Jedi says to herself. Lets see how good you really are. Luminara says as she dives her fighter straight down back into the rocky canyon with Ventress in close purist.

Down throughout the rock walls they dive faster and faster. The Jedi pulls up at the last second as Asajjs infiltrators wing clips the canyon wall. The sith fights for control and regains it firing on the Jedi through the abyss of the canyon.


Obi-wan Kenobi walks into a medical tent as two medical droids put the finishing touches to Organas leg. A large duel metal splint runs down either side of the generals leg suspended by a series of small holding laser threads. As they prepare to submerge Organas leg into a healing tub of bacta.

Organa lying on the medical table looks up to his friend. Guess we are even now General Kenobi. He says the pain shooting up from his shattered leg.

Yes Bail, try to rest my friend. You have had quite a day indeed. Kenobi smiles as he hears the roar of Gunship engines in the distance.

TK-420 enters the tent his battle scarred armor contrasting the clones new sterile white surroundings. General Kenobi. The reinforcements have arrived sir.

Organa reaches up, and grabs the Jedi knights hand firmly. Not a moment to late General. He smiles weakly.

Obi-Wan nods his head in approval as he releases Organas hand and heads out into the harshness of the dry planet. Master Secura pulls the hood from her head exposing her head tails as she greets Obi-Wan.

Master Kenobi I hope we are not too late to join this fight. She says her battalion walking up behind her.

We were beginning to give up hope on you Master Secura. Where are the rest of the reinforcements? Kenobi asks.

Master Mundi is leading a battalion against the federation forces above the planet. Im afraid that only my battalion and I are all the reinforcements you will have. I was given orders from Master Yoda to help you in any way that I can. The twilek says frowning.
But Im also afraid I have some disturbing news that can not wait. Can we talk privately? Ayala asks.

A worried look comes over the generals war torn face. Yes. Please follow me.


Anakin Skywalker and his squadron of rogues take up position just outside of the main federation ship, their fighters seem to only hover among the stars. The Jedi watches the clone offense led by a single crimson Jedi fighter, driving the clone star fighter squadrons attack. The voice of Amidala breaks transmission silence.

Rogue squadron commence attack on quadrant 3118. She says marking the location on a tactical display.

The small signals of each fighter of the squadron begin moving across the war room display as Padme draws a single line into the star map to the quadrant.

All wings engage those federation control ships. Lets show them what were made of. Rogue 7 stay on my wing were going in fast. Anakin says throwing the controls of his fighter up and to the right.

Yes sir. Rogue 7 replies his snub fighter matching the Jedis speed as they fly straight into the overwhelmed republic forces.

The federation forces begin to weaken under the combined forces of the Corellian rogues and the clone fighters. A constant entanglement of fighters stream throughout the stars, explosions light up the darkness of space.

Concentrate all your fire on those control satellites. Anakin orders.

The X-Wings dive toward the droid control ship the turbo lasers of the federation ship tearing them to pieces.

Watch those guns rogue 10 come around to mark 784 and launch proton torpedoes. Anakin orders.

Yes sir. The rogue pilot responds barrel rolling his fighter through the incoming fire and launching his torpedo, the torpedo impacting into the guns blasting them from the hull of the federation ship.

Good job rogue 10!! Anakin exclaims.

BEEP BOP WOOP R4 chimes in.

I see them. The Jedi answers seeing the advancing droid fighters heading to rogue 10s position. Anakin sends a volley of fire into the federation fighters. They explode on impact with the Jedi fighter streaming through the debris.

WOOOOOO WHO!!! Anakin exclaims and hits his vectored thruster throwing the Jedi fighter up and around to its next target.

On the bridge of the Monolith-12 Padme watches the battle unfolding on the tactical display. And shakes her head from the transmission chatter. She looks to commander Solo plotting the next attack run.

Milady are you alright? he asks.

Yes commander. She smiles.


Obi-Wan Kenobi and Aayla Secura stand together between their Gunships. The clone troopers surround the Jedi waiting for their orders. As the pilots of gold squadron begin firing up the Republic Gunships engines, the engines sound swirling at a steady upward pace.

Master Secura we have only two sectors left to complete this ground assault mission. With a simultaneous attack on both sectors we can end this battle with one last advance.
Kenobi says clinching his fist.

Yes General Kenobi and if Master Mundi is able to knock out that federation control ship. The odds will be greatly in our favor. The twilek answers.

Obi-Wan nods. I agree but we must act quickly. Because I fear with the disturbing news you have brought from Kamino that the battle droids of the techno union will be the least of our worries. If you should come into contact with this sith do not go into battle with it alone. Trust me Aayla I have seen their power with my own eyes. I have lost my master to one and almost lost my life and my padawan to another. The dark side is powerful and corrupt.

Yes General Kenobi. Secura answers. May the force be with you.

May the force be with you Master Secura. Obi-Wan replies as the two Jedi bow to one another.

Troopers to your ships! General Kenobi orders.

The clone troopers board their Gunships, the ships begin to rise into the air. General Kenobi and his squadron leave for Sector-28 while Master Secura and her battalion head for Sector-16. Obi-Wan watches Aayla's ship disappear from his sight as TK-420 places his hand on the Generals shoulder.

Shell be alright General.

Once again 420 I hope you are right. Obi-Wan answers turning his sights toward their destination his hair blowing in the wind. I hope youre right



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