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Spooky-Kid :
A.K.A. William Jason Cain 
High...I'm the city rep for the Winston-Salem Chapter. I'm 29 yrs. old. I work as a pressman for a printing company. I love Star Wars (...of course). I like all kinds of music but I preferably enjoy extremely heavy brutal music. My favorite bands right now are Cradle of Filth and Eminem. I love collecting action figures, lunchboxes and records. (those things they made before cd's) I also really enjoy the Lord of the Rings books and movies as well as the Harry Potter series.
   My favorite Star Wars expierences to date would have to be the 1st IQM where I got to meet Jeremy Bulloch(Boba Fett) and the 2nd IQM where not only did I get to meet Richard LaParmentier(Admiral Motti) but, also got to eat lunch with him.
"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen." - The Emperor



AKA: Jonathan Brent Lawson

I'm really into music and art. Anything that sparks creativity is fuel for my soul.
I enjoy all things STAR WARS and science fiction in general. I love movies!
I like Beer, cigarettes, video games, poker and gambling and in that order.
I'm really excited about the Winston Salem Fanforce! THE SECRET SITH SOCIETY! I guess you can say that I'm the new Sith Assassin. I settle conflict with a light saber and a smile.

"As you can see my Jedi powers are far greater than yours. Now, back down!"
: Darth Tyranus

Srardogs' Music page



A.K.A. Kevin Warlick
My name is Kevin and I've been a Star Wars fan since I was old enought to watch it. I've been collecting Star Wars stuff for over 20 years and love all things Star Wars. I also enjoy collecting Transformers and the new Masters of the Universe stuff. I also have recently applied and been accepted into the NC 501st Garrison as a TieFighter Pilot.

A.K.A. Brian Trenor
I'm Brian, I'll be a freshman at NC State this fall. Hobbies include honing my Decipher Star Wars CCG decks, reading (mostly Star Wars), PC games, writing, watching movies, or just hanging out with friends. I also enjoy making short films with a couple of friends, under our moniker Triumvirate Films, which can be seen in the link in my signature. As for music, I like umm, is it modern rock? There's so many categories I dunno anymore. Right now I'm really into the new Foo Fighters album, it's got a nice varied sound.

Brians' Fan Film site

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