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Revenge of the Sith
Atlast we will have our Revenge


North Carolina FanForce
Secret Sith Society
The Secret Sith Society is a Star Wars fan club for locals near Winston-Salem, NC. We get together and discuss Star Wars(the movies,comics, collecting action figures...) We also have monthly outings where we join each other for a beer or going to a movie. If you feel you belong with us...please get in touch with me at or
. Join us in Ruling the galaxy and disintergrating wretched hives of scum and villany and those pathetic rebels.

Outings we've done so far
IMAX showing of Attack of the Clones
Here we got to see the local 501st Garrison in all their glory as well as meet Peter Mayhew and get some figures autographed.
Imperial QuarterMaster 1
Here we got to drool over all the vendors that were there selling lots of Star Wars stuff. As well as meeting and getting autographs from Jeremy Bulloch,Amy Allen, and more

Members so far.....
spooky-kid - Jason
Stardog-D-Sith - Brent
TiePilot74 - Kevin
JediMasterStrange - Adam
TK 2236 - Pete
Learner7 - Chris
BrianMan - Brian
Primal Jedi - Larry
4pups2many - Robert
Padme Karen - Karen
Sith_Wench - Jada


Fear turns to anger, Anger turns to hate, Hate turns to Suffering. Embrace it and feel the Power of the Dark Side.


Do not be to proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The abiltiy to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the FORCE.

Darth Vader-A New Hope


The Sith do not Fear. The Sith Embrace Fear.


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Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at:

" Wipe them out......All of them..... "

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