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Current FanForce News...meetings and so forth

Next meeting will be at Wings to Go in Hanes Mall again on August 21st's some pics from the last one....




Well, I'm thinking maybe Carlyles' for the next meeting. We can mostly drink and shoot some pool. How good is a Sith at billards after a few beers?  Guess we'll see. I'll post here again as soon as I get a definite date and time.
Next Secret Sith Society meeting is planned for Febuary 21st. We're gonna
unleash our fury on PieWorks this time. It will be Saturday at 6:00pm. It's located of Hanes Mall Blvd. In the shopping center with the Food Lion and the Burger King.
Yes they serve your kind there as well as BEER!!!
OK - So this meeting was kinda crazy. Still enjoyed having Pete and Stardog and his family over to the house afterwards.

01/23/04 Celebration III ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!
Star Wars Celebration III Set for Indianapolis

Event Extended to Four Days: April 21 to 24, 2005

MARIN COUNTY, Calif.--Jan. 23--Star Wars Celebration III, the
much-anticipated fan gathering that will celebrate the Star Wars saga in
advance of the opening of Star Wars Episode III, will return to the Indiana
Convention Center April 21 to April 24, 2005.

The announcement of the location and dates of the convention was made
jointly by Lucasfilm Ltd. and Gen Con LLC. Gen Con will manage the
convention on behalf of Lucasfilm and the Official Star Wars Fan Club.
Celebration II, held in Indianapolis in May 2002, attracted more than 26,000
fans from all over the world.
Details about programming, guests, activities, entertainment and exclusive
merchandise at Celebration III will be released as they are confirmed closer
to the convention. The main places to check for information will be, the official site, and Online
ordering for admission to the event and for discounted hotel rooms is
scheduled to begin late this summer.

 I f you read Rebelscum this morning you noticed that FAO Shwartz had the Vader F/X sabers marked down to $45.97. I know atleast me(spooky-kid), Stardog and TiePilot74 ordered one. Try to get one of these...this is a really good deal. It was like $140 through Master Replicas when it first came out.
Thanks to Stardog-D-Jedi for the heads up on this one.
Damn you FAO Shwartz....You Suck!!!!



Well yesturday we held our meeting at Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery... Stardog you were right , they did have some good beer. We discussed things we could do as a FanForce. There were a few things mentioned but, the most interesting topic was about us all going to Celebration III together.
There were a couple of people that wanted to come and we wished you guys would have made it(Scott & Anjanette Gibson and also Kyle Suggs) Chris(Learner7),Pete and anakin_girl : We missed you guys also. Maybe you all will make the next one.
Thanks to Stardog for the Secret Sith Society FanForce shirts....Love 'em. Here's 2 pics from the meeting.......Until next time....
Where Is Celebration III Going To Be Held?
From TheForce.Net: Over and over again we get emailed the question about the next Star Wars Celebration. While Lucasfilm still has yet to officially announce the Celebration 3, we can give you an update on what we know so far and it fits with rumors others like are hearing as well. What we keep hearing is that Lucasfilm should announce it quite soon - hopefully no later than just after the holiday break at Lucasfilm. We certainly hope January is the time for the official announcement at the latest. And yes, the location again is Indianapolis, IN and the date that keeps surfacing is April 22-24, 2005. We've heard that the next issue of the Star Wars Insider will also carry the announcement, but we expect it to be trumped by the Official Site as an exclusive there. So don't make travel plans and reservations yet, but expect the mad dash to begin shortly after the announcement.
Week of 12/15/03   Stardog and I(spooky) both got our Imperial Shuttles this week. Stardog ordered his through for $60 (I think) with free shipping. This sale is still going on. My mom ordered mine through the deal for $50 but, probably paid atleast $10 shipping. This sale ended last week. There's still time to get one from and they also have the Gamorrean Guards marked down to $10 (online). Wish I could get me one of these.
12/14/03   Tonight we had our 5th meeting at O'Carley's restraunt. We all got together over some good beer and food and discussed alot of Star Wars related topics. Ranging from props & costumes,comics,books,the movies,action figures. We also played a game called Dirty Santa. In the end I got Dirty Santa'd pretty good. TiePilot74 kept stealing my Boba Fett Unleashed figure from me. Stardog-D-jedi went away with the biggest gift there. A 4' x 3' display of the Episode 1 logo on it. He seemed pretty happy for this to be his first display piece in his collection. We'll have to get him to submit some pics once he gets it arranged amongst the rest of his collection.
Until next time..... I'll post about our January meeting and where and when it'll be soon. Hope to see some new faces.

Begun, The Reign of the Sith has !!!