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The Winston-Salem Bounty Hunters' Guild

This Just In.......

02/05/04 Target, Winston-Salem (Hanes Mall Blvd.) Me, spooky-kid, Jedi Master Strange and TiePilot74 all found the 2nd wave of Clone Wars animated figures today. With Kevin being the last one there he said there were still a couple of each except he got the last Yoda.The second wave consists of Count Dooku, Durge, Yoda and a Clone Trooper.
01/22/04 Wal-Mart, Winston-Salem (Hanes Mall Blvd.) Jedi MasterStrange saw the new 12" wave consisting of 2 Jedi Knight Luke, 2 Yodas', 1 Biker Scout and 1 set of Ewoks. TiePilot74 went and picked up the Biker Scout.
01/21/04 Wal-Mart, Kernersville Found the Jedi Knight Luke wave in basic figures including him, R2-D2 with serving tray and R1-G4. Also picked up a 12" Jedi Knight Luke and the Unleashed Yoda & Boba Fett. I have also been scoring some 2003 basic figures at Target for $1.18. Spooky-Kid
01/09/04 Target stores all over are marking their 12" Leias' on Speederbikes to $12.48 . I just got one at the Target on University Pkwy. in Winston-Salem and they had atleast 5 more left.
01/05/04 Spooky-kid finds a big score today. At Target on Hanes Mall Blvd. I found all 4 of the animated figures that are out so far (Mace,Obi-Wan,Ventress & Anakin). Plus the Brown Coat Han Hoth, Luke Hoth, 2nd Imperial Dignitary,Hoth Trooper and a bunch of openers since they were only $2.38
12/17/03 Adam (JediMasterStrange) reported in that Toys'R Us in Winston had the recent Hoth wave and the 2nd Imperial Dignitary. Also heard they are getting a new truck everyday and staying open until midnight until the 23rd.
Thanks guys for those reports........stayed tuned in here collectors.

Mint on Mint Carded figures Are worth alot to me.